Take Your Life and Health to the Next Level


No one excels without proper preparation. Whether we are in the boardroom or in a race, knowing what fuels our bodies and minds makes starting the easiest part of the game.


Setting the best foundation of health strengthens us. With proper sleep, nutrition, and mindset, we all can make the most of our gifts and effectively share them with the world.


Our approach matters. We all have challenges, but what separates failure from success is our mentality. Do and be your best every day of your life, and you will always win.

About Justin Park

Justin Park, J.D., is a top Professional Triathlete and Executive Wellness Consultant who combines his athletic and business acumen to advance leading corporations’ healthcare initiatives. He has finished on the podium at some of the world’s largest races, setting several course records in the process, all while helping to found The Carolina Clinic at UNC, an executive wellness program and division of UNC Hospitals. But that’s not what makes his story so incredible…

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We are all given unique gifts. It is incumbent upon us not only to discover our gifts, but to act on them fully and completely.”

—Justin Park