Against all Odds

How Justin Park's Journey Changed the Game

“I will never forget the day my life changed forever. My doctor returned with the test results indicating a life-threatening heart condition, and I instantly knew that everything I had worked so hard for – the early mornings of training, countless practices, all the sacrifice – was over.”

The Choice

Justin was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a life-threatening heart condition, after blacking out and nearly dying on the race course at a Regional Championship. Only a freshman at Duke University, his lifelong dream of playing collegiate soccer was over.

Justin went on to excel as a corporate attorney, but all the while still dreamed of pursuing elite sports. After numerous medical consultations, Justin chose to compete despite the inherent risks of his condition. It required proper monitoring with several medical specialists, as well as specific attention to health and nutrition, but soon he was competing and winning triathlons at some of the largest events in the world.




Choose to Excel

No matter what challenges we face, we all have the power to choose and change the game for ourselves and our communities. For Justin, it was making smart decisions with regards to his health, approach, and mindset to pursue his passion and compete with every fiber of his being.

Today, Justin shares his story and helps others through speaking and executive wellness consulting. By revealing the importance of health, wellness and pursuing one’s passions, Justin allows others to take control in order to be their very best in life and in business.

Top Results

  • 1st Place, Bone Island Half Triathlon*
  • 1st Place, Toughman Alabama*
  • 1st Place, Washington Olympic Triathlon*
  • 3rd Place, Ironman 70.3 Augusta
  • 3rd Place, Ironman 70.3 Muskoka
  • 3rd Place, Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens
    *Denotes course record

Upcoming Races


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