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Time Marches On (Whether You Like It or Not)

Author’s Note: I began working on this post in February 2020 prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. So while the current environment definitely made this evaluation process clearer and more obvious, it was not the impetus for my ultimate decision. There is an inherent beauty and simplicity to being able to pursue elite sport as a profession and for a living. The opportunity to better oneself physically and mentally on a daily basis – and to be able to witness and recognize those improvements immediately through increases in performance – allows for a tremendous level of satisfaction and gratification for the…

What Do Executives and Athletes Have in Common?

To many people, the worlds of professional athletics and business could not be further from one another. However, upon closer assessment, each of these careers requires very similar set of characteristics in order to be successful in one’s chosen profession. Whether pursuing a World Championship or climbing the corporate ladder, the following qualities pervade the habits of highly successful individuals in both lines of work: Passion Nearly all levels of success originate from a relentless passion for one’s career. This passion cannot be limited to discrete aspects of the job description; it must encompass the entire pursuit. For the athlete,…