A Journey Defined

Anything is Possible with Passion, Planning, and Process

Zero Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

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For those of you who keep tabs on my career and my racing schedule (all 8 of you), you may have noticed that I have been absent from competition for quite some time. I safely can tell you that my lack of participation lately certainly was not part of the plan. After a midseason break that encompassed the end of July and beginning of August, the plan was to ramp the training back up relatively quickly and return to racing at Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz on September 11. I followed up 70.3 Vineman with three incredibly solid weeks of training,…

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Heartbeat of a Champion

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Carrollton resident Justin Park is one of the top-performing professional triathletes in the country. After being diagnosed with a career-ending heart condition and going into corporate law, Park decided to follow his dream in an inspirational journey of defying the odds…

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My Rules on Nutrition

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Through my racing, consulting and speaking, the topic that I get asked about most, without question, is nutrition. People want to know what they should eat, when to eat, what to avoid, and how much to consume. Even those inquisitive individuals who do their own research and investigation become confused by all of the discussion that exists in regards to diet. Indeed, the further you dig, the more you may be subject to paralysis by analysis. The fact is, while there is an amazing amount of valuable and informative information available, there remains a lot that we simply don’t know…

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The Cost of Doing Business: Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant

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Everyone likely has heard the phrase “the cost of doing business.” The basic premise of the phrase is that, in order to participate in a particular marketplace, a business or organization must incur certain costs (both good and bad). Take, for example, a company that makes the decision to go public and list itself on a stock exchange. The benefit of doing so is that the company may now raise funds from the public sector, which offers much more money for investment. However, the cost associated with going public is that the company is now responsible for completing numerous filings…

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Ironman 70.3 Raleigh: Practice What I Preach

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In speaking with other triathletes, as well as executives that I work with in my consulting practice, I frequently get asked about mental strategy, focus and goal setting. It is not surprising that those questions come up so regularly; nearly everyone has strong ambitions and clear objectives of wanting to better themselves in a variety of ways. The principal component that I always emphasize is the need to focus on process over outcome. Or, for another way of phrasing, focusing only on that which you can control. The idea is very simple in theory: worry only about the aspects of...
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