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What is so important about Magnesium?

Magnesium is one of the most important and most abundant minerals in the human body. A necessary cofactor in over 300 enzyme systems, magnesium plays a role in a wide variety of biochemical reactions, including protein synthesis, nerve function maintenance, blood glucose control, muscle contraction and normal heart rhythms. Its importance for overall bodily function cannot be underemphasized. Unfortunately, an estimated 70-80 percent of Americans are deficient in this mineral, with similar rates of deficiency around the rest of the world. Furthermore, assessing magnesium levels within the body is difficult because most magnesium is inside cells or within bones, making…

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The Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

With the New Year in full swing and many already struggling with their resolutions, people often look for ways to “reboot” their resolution objectives. For a large number of individuals, weight loss often plays a key role in their plans for the New Year, and they are left to look for a solid method to either kick start their program or bust through a plateau. The good news is, recent studies have shown that there are benefits to exercising early in the morning other than the simple advantage of getting your workout completed before daily events have the chance to…

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