Pathways to Success

Executive Wellness for Optimal Productivity and Balance

Say No to “Status Quo”

Why settle for ordinary? By definition,
the status quo does not evolve or change, but we live in an innovative world. If we refuse to adapt and grow, we will never be able to reach our true potential as individuals or as companies.

Say Yes to “Success”

How good is your best? Most of us don’t know because we are consistently sleep deprived and malnourished in one form
or another. When we fuel our body and mind with the proper regimen, we achieve better results.

List of Services

  • Executive Wellness Consulting
  • Speaking
  • Corporate Training
  • Wellness Program Creation and Development
  • C-Suite Wellness Design
  • Corporate Wellness Program Enhancement
  • Sponsorships
  • Events
  • Workshops

“Never lose sight of where you came from and where you’re going.”

—Justin Park

About Justin Park

Justin Park, J.D., is a top Professional Triathlete and Executive Wellness Consultant who combines his athletic and business acumen to advance leading corporations’ healthcare initiatives. He has finished on the podium at some of the world’s largest races, setting several course records in the process, and helped found The Carolina Clinic at UNC, an executive wellness program and division of UNC Hospitals.

Executive Summary

Corporate Consulting

In addition to helping develop The Carolina Clinic at UNC, an executive wellness program and division of UNC Hospitals, Justin has worked with corporations of all sizes across the U.S. to create programs that promote wellness for company’s top executives and rising stars.

Speaking Engagements

While pursuing his goal of winning a World Championship, Justin also inspires audiences not only to change the game by reaching for their passions, but also by taking the essential steps required to succeed. Listeners walk away with actionable steps to excel in business and in life.