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In my life and through my experiences, one thing has become clear. With every end comes a new beginning.

After over a decade of racing, leading roles in executive health & wellness, and numerous speaking engagements, I have decided to retire and end my career as a Professional Triathlete and Executive Wellness Consultant. As I close this door, I move forward into a new chapter of my career as an investor, advisor, entrepreneur, attorney and catalyst for change in multiple industries.

The game is not over; simply changing once again. I welcome you to connect and join me on the journey to change the game once more.


Justin is an accomplished entrepreneur, attorney and retired professional athlete.  Justin currently serves as a partner and general counsel at 121G, an investment, advisement and innovation firm that focuses investments on companies that believe in their mission, passion and long-term commitment to success. In addition, Justin is a co-founder of BarMinder, a company using patented proprietary technology to completely reimagine inventory management in the hospitality industry. Finally, Justin also personally invests in a few early-stage startup companies that are disrupting their industries daily.

Prior to his time at 121G and BarMinder, Justin operated as an investor and advisor to PushActive, an innovative CRM system for the fitness industry, and was a founder of The Carolina Clinic at UNC, part of the University of North Carolina Health System, where he served as the Executive Fitness Director for 4 years.